Describe a Beach You Had Visited Before

Twenty years ago I went to Tai Long Sai Wan for camping. The beach was so beautiful that I can still remember its vividness now.

One morning, we set off from Pak Tam Chung. By that time, we were young. So it took us only three hours to get to Chek King. From there we followed the path and finally arrived at Tai Long Sai Wan.

When we arrived, we were totally fascinated by the white beach: Like a crescent moon, it stretched from the north end to the south and it shone brilliantly before our eyes. Yet the light was so soft that we could see clearly what lay below the shallow water: sea stars, shells, and many unknown small fishes. Watching these dream-like pictures, we were very happy and we put down our “luggage” immediately and jumped into the water. Oh, wonderful! The water was cool, the sky was blue, and we were young! We had no idea that a jelly fish could be so lovely when viewed under the water.

These lovely pictures of Tai Long Sai Wan have long been kept in my mind. I always ask myself why I cannot forget them. I had once tried to find out the answer by asking my friends the same question. Some said it might be due to the unpolluted environment; some said that it was due to my sense of nostalgia: what was gone is always more beautiful than what it is now.

Well, I think they both have their points. But I think (that) the most important thing is (that) I was young. I had no worries, which may trouble adults all the time. In a word, I was mentally free, unbounded by mundane burden and sadness. Maybe that is why the trip to Tai Long Sai Wan remains always an unforgettable experience to me.

by Thomas Shum