"All students should be taught how to use computers at school." Discuss.

Students should be taught to use computer at school as early as possible because they are facing a world of highly advanced technology based on the use of computer.

Whether students work in the society or further their study after graduation, knowledge of computer would be very helpful. If they work in the society, knowledge of computer would help them complete their duties effectively. For example, in preparation for the presentation of a product, they can use computer to create slides, transparencies and other possible means to help sell the product. With the aid of computer, the students give a good impression not only on their customers but also on their seniors, or even their bosses. Who is the back-up, then? Computer.

Apart from this, students who are going to join the work force and who are equipped with knowledge of computer may use computer to write letters and fax messages quickly and neatly. They can even use the internet to communicate with foreign people to do business, perhaps in a very short time.

If they further study after graduation, computer is more than a machine. It can, of course, help them finish their homework, projects (large or small), and other routine jobs on time. Meanwhile, it can also help them create a space for thinking--an aim that all kinds of education would like to embrace. For example, they can use some communication softwares and hardwares to talk, discuss, and argue with other people whom they have never met. Through such a discussion, they may learn more than they did from schools: they widen their horizon, increase their knowledge, and sharpen their skills of thinking. Here I would like to ask: Can a student without computer knowledge do such a thing? Certainly not.

Thus seen, students should learn to use computer at school as early as possible if they want to find a good job in the future or if they want to improve themselves.

by Thomas Shum