"Men should do housework at home!" Do you agree?

In a feminist aura, some people urge that it is the right time for men to start from scratch and that men should start doing housework at home on the ground that men and women are both equal.

People holding this view think that when women (whether they go to work at daytime or not) go home, they will be treated as a slave, severely abused by their men. In their imagination, men are nothing but a chauvinist pig. So they are hoping that men should share the burden of the family and do their "duties" at home, such as doing the dishes, taking care of children and so on. They believe that only through confining men to housework can women and men be really equal.

As for this kind of argument, I have reservations because this view ignores one important idea which, I think, is influential to the perfection of the relationship between male and female. I have no doubt that men and women are equal. But they also have different potentials in different fields. Men may be good at home repairing and women may be good at child caring, and vice versa. No matter what direction they may take, they must co-operate with each other, making their family run smoothly. This is the final goal for setting up a family. Thus seen, it is not the place that matters. For example: men inside or women outside. What really matters, I think, is mutual respect. Thus a man may go out to work, making a living for themselves while his wife may stay at home and make their family wonderfully suitable for developing their inner selves. I do not see any disharmony if, as I have just said earlier, the man and the woman both respect and understand each other's potential.

If my argument can stand on its own, I think men should not do housework at home because what makes men and women go together harmoniously is not the space they are supposed to be in (outside or inside) but mutual respect between them. And this has nothing to do with any forms of chauvinism.

by Thomas Shum