"I am a snail. I want to make the world better. What can I do?"

If I were a snail, I will tell the world how important love is. To accomplish this goal, I have to do two things.

First, I will use my antennae to tell my companions that we must not kill each other. Love means to create and not to destroy, right? So, although we are small and although the food we could get from the earth is scarce, we shall learn to co-operate with one another if we want to have a dignified life. For example: we can leave a mark on the road each morning, telling our snails that it is an extremely dangerous traffic accident spot. This mark may be insignificant to some, but doesn't love come from these insignificant actions?

Second, we shall try our very best to learn to listen patiently. Very often we are egoistic, and we seldom listen to others, especially to things we don't like. But love is patience. If we are patient enough, love will grow inside us. So the second thing we shall do is to learn to listen to others patiently.

Certainly, there are many ways to tell my tribe how important love is. But these two things are most urgent to me.

by Thomas Shum