Describe One of the Nightmares You Had Had Before

Ten years ago I had a nightmare. Whenever I think of it, I am still shocked by its vividness.

One day, I was dead tired after a day’s hard work. I felt much pressure at daytime because I was facing a critical moment in my life. By that time, my little brother was seriously ill, and I had to take care of him all the time. My little brother was very lovely but I was a little bit sick of playing the role of father. I felt very tired, working day and night for nothing. So I once thought about ending my little brother’s life.

Then, the nightmare came.

In the dream, I saw a soft foetus 胎兒 coming and shaking my bed. I could not see clearly its face nor eyes nor ears. But, strangely, I felt it was smiling to me. Though scared, I tried to communicate with and touch it. Every time I stretched out my hand, it slipped away. Then I followed and tried to touch it again. But it flew faster than I could expect. I repeated the same action again and again. And finally I could catch it. When we "shook" our hands, I felt the foetus was like jelly. And when I attempted to speak to it, it suddenly exploded. Blood came out from its body, like flooding after a heavy rainstorm. The blood flowed and flowed and my bed was totally covered by the scarlet blood. Then I screamed and woke up panting.

This nightmare continuously appeared once a week before my little brother died of fever. I did not believe in anything superstitious, but now I think it was really a message from my little brother, telling me that we had to part company with each other forever. Years later, whenever I think of this nightmare, I always tell myself that I will meet my little brother in another world some other day and that I will pay back what I had once owed him.

by Thomas Shum